Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Photos from Scotland, Not All Good

This post may be a little strange, but it’s at least interesting to me. This will be a photo-rich post of some of the best photos from the trip which I have yet to share, but there are some photos that didn’t make the cut that I still want to share. I know it may be silly to post up photos that aren’t the best, but I think there are still stories there to tell. So here it goes.
Loch Morlich and the moon and reflection. This is almost a grand photo...almost.

Another almost. In Leadhills I saw these pants flying on the line, but it was raining and blowing so hard I only had a chance for one shot. It wasn't the winner I wanted.

This one comes close. The Oriental group photo where everyone takes a turn at taking the same photo is one I've seen before. If only the group had been in focus! But stuff happens with a grab shot.

On Boat of Garten GC in the highlands I took this snap of the 4th fairway. When I took it I swear there was a grey cuckoo in the center, but there's nothing. It is an interesting patch of clover though. 

The first set are some that didn’t make the grade. [Jennifer D., you can tell me I shouldn’t share my misses or mistakes, but cut me some slack because I think I’m having fun.]
The next two photos are two perspectives of the Packhorse Bridge at Carrbridge in the highlands. The first view is the one that makes it onto calendars and which I sell  often at the Highland Games—it’s the view from the road bridge or vista point. The second view is from the other side—it shows both the packhorse bridge and modern road bridge.

The next set are those photos which I class in the genre Street Photography taken on this trip. For more information on street photography refer to my post of April 1, no fooling.
The Glasgow mural with back and forth stares.

In York this gent has quite a view.

The Happy Highlander in Pitlochry...the tartan is Clan Buchanan, I think.

A mannequin in a Yorkshire village leaves me wondering...just wondering.

The symbol on this Highland grave looks  quite a bit like the almighty dollar sign. Combined with the writing on the grave the symbol's juxtaposition may be prophetic. 

The last, and largest set of photos, are those that I believe are good enough to display but so far haven’t. These range from the beginning of our trip to the end.
One of Anne's photos from Blair Castle Gardens of mistle thrush with a full beak.

Bluebells were in profusion this spring.

There was also an abundance of Himalyan Blue Poppies at Branklyn Garden in Perth.

Burghead Harbour on the Morayshire coast in the north.

A copse in the hills of Yorkshire.

Duffus Castle in the north...the fence is what really caught my eye.

The North Yorkshire Moors National Park is both lovely and bleak...very bleak.

Dramatic sky off the Mull of Galloway.

As we were wandering in St Peter's Kirk I caught this shot of a World War II vintage aircraft flying over.

The inside of our timeshare door looking out at night makes an interesting abstract.

A small group of wild goats visited near our golf course at St Fillans.

Stone fences are iconic to the Yorkshire Dales.

Oh, one last photo set. The first photo shows me in a significant bunker (sand trap) at Hopeman GC on the Moray Firth and the second photo shows me getting out of the bunker in once shot. I put these in the post as proof to our Sunday group at Arrowhead that I really can get out of bunkers. 


Cheers gang!  

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